synthetic paper label printing

In recent years, synthetic papers that surpass the above definition have emerged. For example, products that combine regular paper and plastic film are known as synthetic paper within the printing industry, and the definition of synthetic paper printing has become extremely imprecise. As a result, it has become common to refer to individual product names rather than to use the catch-all term synthetic paper.

Tai-Sanki is specialized in supplying proprietary plastic materials and coated products to specialty, high growth niche markets. The proposed product line is based on synthetic paper and other plastic materials in various combinations, which can satisfy the critical performance requirements of printing, packaging and converting users worldwide.

Our primary business and technological objectives, which is based on years of sales and marketing, manufacturing experience is to introduce proven proprietary value-added products that are targeted at replacing specific competitors' products in key high applications.

Our products will provide more affordable alternatives to replace or compete with currently used competitive products.

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